Roy – Port Alfred

I have to Rave about Dr Simon Knight (The Holistic Oak).

He has a multiple angle approach to problems and I have had incredible breakthrough with his help.

I would highly recommend him to anyone with Physical and/or emotional problems. The results are virtually immediate with logical solutions and techniques provided.

Dominique – Port Alfred

A total rave! Dr Simon Knight has a product called Inflamma Rub for sore muscles, bruises etc..this really really works! My husband (who has spinal cancer) often has Herbtron Inflamma Rub Creamincredible pain due to muscles tightening around his spinal cord and he now asks me to rub it on for him as it helps with the pain (and he’s normally quite skeptical about these things)..I had a major bruise (after new years lol) on my calf and within 3 days the bruise and bump were gone..also helps with my tension migraines without any pain feels like deep heat etc when on but actually works (I’ve tried all rubs for a tension migraine, even the horse gel, but this is the only rub that has actually worked for me..and it works quickly!).. Get to The Holistic Oak and buy a tub, you will not be sorry! Have a fab weekend everyone! 🙂

Dominique – Port Alfred